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vengefuleseries's Journal

E-123 Omega (SEGA)
11 July
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Character name: E-123 Omega
Character source: SEGASonic
Point at which taken from source: Post-Unleashed

Personality: Omega is a simple robot, of simple interests. Like...murdering the hell out of his jerkass creator. Omega's creation, purpose, and subsequent treatment have given him a great sense of bitterness towards his creator, Dr. Eggman, and a desire to at the very least, throttle him to within an inch of his life. This, paired with his sense of superiority to every other creation of the doctor's, and the drive to prove that by destroying them all, makes him one of Dr. Eggman's greatest enemies. Perhaps stemming from his treatment at the doctor's hands, Omega can at times, be a gigantic bundle of rage, and for all his robo-intellect, it can make him do downright stupid things. He acts rashly, charges into situations headfirst, and acts without thinking. The problem is that he's not always strong enough to justify this, and it can get him stuck into some pretty damn bad situations.

Omega is more than just a bundle of bitterness, rage and arrogance, though. Just as he is physically, emotionally, he is a wall. He never wavers, never doubts himself. He chooses his path and pursues it relentlessly until his goal is accomplished. With this, and his sense of loyalty, he's an invaluable asset to his allies and a force of merciless destruction to his enemies. Moreover, his time spent with his two comrades, Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat, has changed him in subtle yet significant ways. His loyalty to the two is unwavering. He would accept any request from the two without question or accept their word as truth without consideration. He also seems to genuinely care about the two in his own, admittedly emotionless and distant way. However, these positive qualities seem to only come out for the two of them, as everyone else either gets, at best, resounding indifference and arrogance. Or if they particularly vex him (or, God forbid, he thinks they're helping the good doctor), he'll make a concentrated effort to blast them into something that's normally fed to sharks. Normally though, he'll settle for an egotistical comment or two and leave it at that.

Items: He houses two rather massive weapon caches in both of his arms. Machine guns, missile launchers, flamethrowers, and various energy weapons are all at his beck and call. Beyond what he carries himself, however, Omega usually has no use for hauling things around.


E-123 Omega is the last robot created in the E-Series by Dr. Eggman. After his creation, he was immediately sealed into one of his bases, for the purpose of guarding the pod holding the Ultimate Life Form,Shadow the Hedgehog and, if necessary, put him down if he tries anything. Omega didn't like this one bit and grew to have nothing but hatred and resentment for the doctor. When the treasure hunter Rouge the Bat showed up and simultaneously awakened both Shadow and Omega, Omega responded by attempting to give both of them a few new, rather superfluous orifices. Eventually, though Rouge's intervention, it became apparent that they all had the same target, Dr. Eggman. And thus, Team Dark was born. So the three worked together and even managed to form some sense of camaraderie through their adventure. When it became apparent that it wasn't Eggman running the show, and in fact Metal Sonic, the three assisted Team Sonic in taking the tyrannical (and completely insane) robot down. After that, they went their separate ways, Rouge going back to treasure hunting, Shadow to deal with his amnesia, and Omega to deal with his beef with Eggman.

During the attack of the Black Arms, Omega didn't...particularly pay attention to the aliens. He seemed far more concerned with getting at Eggman. During his attacks on the doctor, he crossed paths with Shadow a couple times, and the two assisted each other to combat the doctor, before going their separate ways once more. Presumably unaffected by the paralyzing toxins of the Black Comet, Omega watched Super Shadow's final battle with Devil Doom, and gave the hedgehog a well-deserved thumbs up when he completely obliterated the alien race.

Eventually, Omega's search for Dr. Eggman took him to Soleanna, but due to some...rather odd time travel hijinks, that particularly event and all events in Soleanna afterward ended up being completely reversed, and the robot remembers not an instant of them. Considering he was only in Soleanna because he was chasing after Eggman, it's not any particular gain or loss for him anyway.

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